Light as a feather dress

24 Feb

To get back into sewing I chose a pattern I have sewn before. It is my dress version of the Burda Style Peplum Top 08/2012 . Again no zipper, no seam allowance, sleeves from another pattern and some centimeters less at the waist.

When I finished the dress itself I knew I had to add some decorative elements. My thoughts went from trompe l’oeil pearls (like I did on this Shirt) to gems made from polymer clay. But the gems seamed to heavy for the delicate fabric. So finally I went for stylised feathers from jersey fabric. Many people tell me that I am a featherweight. So they make sense, don’t they? (Infact I’m 10kg lighter than featherweight … I would go in the category of half-flyweight … well, half flys might not be as decorative)

The pictures were taken on a roof in Brixton (Who knew that London could be this sunny :) )

simple jersey dress from peplum shirt pattern

jersey dress

jersey dress

This colourful bird obviously attracted both sun and wind

The picture above shows the third feather I placed on the skirt.

Finally a detail shot of the feathers on the bodice.jersey feather application

This time I will not make any prediction how long it will take me to complete my next sewing project … hopefully not that long.

Long time no sew

26 Sep

In the past weeks I had some private turbulences that kept me from sewing. (Well at least now I have enough room to install a proper sewing space … )
The current Burda easy (autumn/ winter 2013) (it’s called Burda Young in other countries) seduced me to start sewing again. There was this simple but playful dress and I had the perfect caramel coulored rayon in my stash … The only alteration I made (by accident) was to put the front panel on the left side. The original dress is very short so it ended up to be the perfect length for me.

dress  5c burda easy autumn winter 2013The elastic waistband makes this dress very comfy.

dress 5c burda easy autumn winter 2013

dress 5c burda easy autumn winter 2013Maybe you wouldn’t expect that from a magazine called Burda easy, but this simple dress has nice details. Beside the obvious draped panel at the front it has pleats on the shoulders. Easy to do and nice looking.

pleat at shoulderI guess I have a new favourite dress :)

Shortly before (well, in july) I was a pattern tester for a german pattern company called Schnittchen. I got to try their pattern Hannah. This may not be the style I usally go for. But that’s one aspect of pattern testing … trying something new. Beside the obligatory shortening I didn’t do any alterations. Next time I would use some softer fabric and add a belt.

schnittchen kleid hannah

schnittchen kleid hannah

I hope this time it will not take another month until I can show you a new creation!

Almost wedding guest dress

8 Jul

It has been a bit quiet here … again. My illness in may was just the warm up for a two week knock out with fever and cough … after I recovered I started sewing again … but I couldn’t show you the two finished (well …  and two unfinished) garments yet. One is still top secret … but I finally visited my parents and now I can show you this dress. My mother planned to wear it to a wedding but the dresscode forced us to make another one (this one). So she wore it to her sisters birthday.

mothe and daughter in selfstitched dresses

My mother and me in our newest dresses

The process of making this dress was full of premieres for me. I found the FREE pattern on a Polish website (they do have more nice stuff over there!) So it was the first time I sewed in Polish :) There was no real description were to start and how to do it … but in the meantime I made some dresses and was brave enough to try it anyway. So this is the pattern I started with.

My mother is a dwarf like me. She is even smaller than me and needs different sizes for bodice and skirt part. So the second thing I did for the first time was a muslin. I drafted the sleeves myself and had to make some adjustments to the pattern in order to make it fit at least somehow.

I chose a lightweight denim and bleached some of the pieces. As you may have noticed it was not the first time I used bleach for a sewing project ;)

We decided to go for some puffy sleeves to hide the declining shoulders we both tend to have :)

denim dress sleeve

This time I was very proud of my seam matching!

seam matching

The dress was not lined and since this dress was not for me I forced myself to finish everything with my serger.

denim dress inside

I did a blind hem on the sleeves and the skirt  …

blind hem

You don’t see anything? Well that’s why it’s called blind hem …

Finally I inserted an invisible zipper (another premiere). I found a tutorial and now I have to ask myself why I was afraid of this zipper type for so long … I find it way easier to install than a normal zipper.

The invisible zipper … not as invisible as the blind hem … but almost

The invisible zipper … not as invisible as the blind hem … but almost

My mother likes her new dress and I like my mother and making her happy. So this was a very successful project :)


denim dress

15cm of Fame

29 May

There is this saying “Everyone got their 15 minutes of fame”. In my case it were 15cm. After posting my second version of the mullet dress at BurdaStyle I got an e-mail from Burda if I have this picture in higher resolution and if I would let them print it in one of the next issues of BurdaStyle maganzine in Germany. Well … yes and yes.

My dress and me in BurdaStyle 10/2012

My dress and me in BurdaStyle 10/2012

Once again I used the pattern from BurdaStyle 03/2012. The Dress isn’t very spectacular from the front.
mullet or hi-low dress from burda style 03 2012

I used some contrasting fabric for the pockets.
pocket on hi-low dress

It’s the same fabric I used für my skirt of the Lucy outfit. To spice it up a little bit I added a panel to the back.
back panel on hi-low dress
detail of back panel

I wore this dress for day 29 of Me-Made-May’13. Now it’s almost over (and to be honest I don’t have many selfmade garments left anyway)
Me-Made-May'13 Day 29
That was not my day … I even forgot to add the day in my hand …
Me-Made-May'13 Day28
Me-Made-May'13 Day27
Me-Made-May'13 Day 26

Polka Dancing Dots Dress

26 May

There is this lovely pattern called ‘Polka Dots’. I did a bit of research and found out that there is no real connection to the dance called Polka. I thought it would be nice if the dots were not equaly spaced so they look more as if they were dancing. That ment that I had to add the dots myself. As the base for my dress I used the pattern of my recent peplum top from Burda Style (Peplum Top 08/2012) I did the same alteration again: no zipper and therefor no seam in the back, sleeves from another pattern (the original sleeves had darts on the elbow … what for? ), dropped the seam allowance and had to take it in some centimetres at the sides. To make it a dress I just added about 20cm to the hem.

peplum top into dress polka dotspolka_dancing_dots_dress_back

If you are wondering why my hair tie matches the dress so perfectly … it’s just because its a scrap from the shortening of the sleeves. I have some lovely hair ties from my Swimming Pool Dress too :)

We had some difficulties taking these photos since it rained cats and dogs the whole day … we were attending a Jugendweihe celebration (a ceremony in which 14-year-olds are given adult social status) in an nice open air location (at least it is nice when the sun is shining … ) We had to ran to a huge parasol so we stayed dry for the shooting.

dress from peplum top burda polka dots

I really like the hi-low hemline of this pattern

The jersey I used (a mystery blend of something synthetic … that’s what the burn test told me … and something from an animal … that’s what the little hairs sticking out here and there told me) was very light and slightly transparent. You can see the freezing wind playing with my skirt here:

dress from pelum top pattern burda polka dots

Little Mia came over for a little photo bombing. (A nice little girl that kept us entertained the whole time)

polka dot dress mia

I did the dots using fabric paint and the rubber of a pencil … like I did for the necklace on the Trompe l’œil Shirt for my friend.


And I even did a matching nail design :)


So this was what I wore for day 25 of Me-Made-May’13:

Me-Made-May'13 Day25

Just one week to go … and I made it till here without a repetition of a garment and I made 3 new pieces … although I didn’t dare to make a pledge saing that.

Mullet Dress No. 1

24 May

I made this dress about a year ago. (Yes the hi-low trend is this old … but I still like it) It’s based on Jersey Dress 120 BurdaStyle 03/2012 I’m sure one dress can bear more than one trend.

hi-low dress burda style 03 2012

hi-low dress side pockets burda style 03 2012

No, pockets are no trend … but they are practical anyway. Exposed zippers are a trend … one I really like (as you can tell from my recent pencil skirts) Since all good things come in threes my hi-low dress with exposed zipper got cut outs too.

back of hi-low dress with exposed zipper and cut outs

hi-loe dress with exposed zipper and cut outs

I wore this dress today for the 24th day of Me-Made-May’13. This may is not as sunny as last years. That’s why I had to wear a longsleeve and leggings underneath. I wore longsleeved garments the last days too.

Me-Made-May'13 Day24
Me-Made-May'13 Day23
Me-Made-May'13 Day22
Me-Made-May'13 Day21

Blazer Frazer

20 May

I made a blazer! I never thought that this would happen. But I fell in love with the ‘Blazer Frazer’ from the german magazine ‘CUT’ (issue #8). All the blazers I tried in shops made me look like a ship captain. I felt like it would be different with this one. And I wanted to make it out of jersey for a more casual look. Jersey might not be the best material for a blazer. It’s even more unsuitable when it’s very very soft and cuddly. But well … i didn’t care.

puple jersey blazer frazer

The soft jersey drapes a lot (you can call it wrinkles … but they are not permanent and they move with you … I call it drape :) )

The original blazer is made of non-stretchy fabric, lining and leather:

Blazer Frazer in CUT 8

CUT magazine always has very clear and simple step-by-step instruction with pictures for every step. And the sizing started with XS (I love them for that). The only adjustment I had to make was to shorten every pattern piece (except the parts of the sleeves) by 9cm (otherwise it would have been a coat for me). Another nice feature are the pockets … I love pockets on every garment!

purple blazer frazer from CUT 8 with pockets

For the lining and the back yoke I killed a blouse I got from my boyfriends mother recently. It’s voile with the structure of ostrich leather … no ostrich died … just a blouse. So if you like a challenge once in a while … just sew a blazer out of super soft and stretchy jersey and non-stretchy lining.

blazer frazer from CUT 8 blazer_frazer_lining

My sewing machine isn’t that much into challenges. That’s why it wouldn’t do the button hole on this fabric. I tried on a remnant. But it either got wobbly or stucked in the machine. It seemed like clever folks of CUT magazine knew that before and included instructions for button holes by hand in this issues basics section. I did not only the hole by hand but the button too. I formed a button from FIMO (polymer clay to harden in oven) and put 6 holes in it, so the yarn will form an anchor.

anchor button on blazer frazer

And since it’s still May the last days of Me-Made-May’13 so far (today I wore the blazer, of course):

Me-Made-May'13 Day20

Me-Made-May'13 Day19

Happy MMM everybody!


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