Diagonal Dress

Guess what! I sewed the same pattern a second time 🙂 It’s a selfdrafted pattern. There is no front or back on this dress you can wear it both ways. For me it is the perfect balance between casual and chic, so it’s suitable for almost every occassion. The red jersey I used this time is quite soft but it’s not as shiny as the beige one I used for the first one. Both parts of the dress are sewn together at the neckline. No facings that tend to slip out. I must confess that there’s a chance I will sew this even a thrid time 🙂

And that’s the first version:

Diagonaldress01 Diagonaldress02 Diagonaldress03

It’s still Me-Made-May! Here is what I wore the last days:


If you like it put a flower on it

Aside from ironing, preparing the pattern is the most annoying part of sewing for me. That may be one reason why I like do make several versions of garments I like.

The light jersey with an abstract and colourful flowerprint sat in my stash for some time. I thought it might be a bit too much to do a whole dress with this print. The drapy front part of my caramel dress from Burda easy (autumn/ winter 2013) would be a nice opportunity to use it to set a colourful accent. So I planned to do this dress again. This time in black jersey with the flowerprint on the front and on one sleeve.


The only alteration I did, was to add a center seam to the back of the bodice. But just because I didn’t have enough fabric to do it on the fold. I used size 34 like last time. The jersey is very soft and stretchy and I could have graded it down a size. But at the moment I like the dress as loose as it is. I can easily hop on my bike with it or eat a 3 course meal (Both already tested 🙂 )

jersey dress burda easy


I take part in Me-Made-May again! This is what I wore the first days:


me made may 14 day02

Day 2 was the first theme friday. It was “Cocktail Hour”. This picture was taken a few minutes before my personal cocktail hour at the rooftop pool outside the bar.