Almost wedding guest dress

It has been a bit quiet here … again. My illness in may was just the warm up for a two week knock out with fever and cough … after I recovered I started sewing again … but I couldn’t show you the two finished (well …  and two unfinished) garments yet. One is still top secret … but I finally visited my parents and now I can show you this dress. My mother planned to wear it to a wedding but the dresscode forced us to make another one (this one). So she wore it to her sisters birthday.

mothe and daughter in selfstitched dresses
My mother and me in our newest dresses

The process of making this dress was full of premieres for me. I found the FREE pattern on a Polish website (they do have more nice stuff over there!) So it was the first time I sewed in Polish 🙂 There was no real description were to start and how to do it … but in the meantime I made some dresses and was brave enough to try it anyway. So this is the pattern I started with.

My mother is a dwarf like me. She is even smaller than me and needs different sizes for bodice and skirt part. So the second thing I did for the first time was a muslin. I drafted the sleeves myself and had to make some adjustments to the pattern in order to make it fit at least somehow.

I chose a lightweight denim and bleached some of the pieces. As you may have noticed it was not the first time I used bleach for a sewing project 😉

We decided to go for some puffy sleeves to hide the declining shoulders we both tend to have 🙂

denim dress sleeve

This time I was very proud of my seam matching!

seam matching

The dress was not lined and since this dress was not for me I forced myself to finish everything with my serger.

denim dress inside

I did a blind hem on the sleeves and the skirt  …

blind hem
You don’t see anything? Well that’s why it’s called blind hem …

Finally I inserted an invisible zipper (another premiere). I found a tutorial and now I have to ask myself why I was afraid of this zipper type for so long … I find it way easier to install than a normal zipper.

The invisible zipper … not as invisible as the blind hem … but almost
The invisible zipper … not as invisible as the blind hem … but almost

My mother likes her new dress and I like my mother and making her happy. So this was a very successful project 🙂


denim dress