Beauty and the beast

Today I finally show two garments I mentioned before. The first one is a dress for my mum. It’s always difficult for her to find nice clothes in stores because she is tiny (She is actually smaller than me … just 1.46m, about 4.8 feet …). I made her a wrap dress from the Hope Dress Pattern (It’s FREE!). For the sleeves and the collar I used a jersey that’s almost like lace. I thought it might be hard to work with … but it wasn’t. The slinky off-white jersey I used for the rest of the dress gave me a hard time. I used it in two layers to reduce transparency. She plans to wear it to a beach wedding so we bought a necklace with pearls and seashells and matching sandals.

wrap dress white wrap dress white
From the leftover fabric I made her a matching bag. For the lining I used some plain cotton. It had to be a non-stretchy fabric to make the bag stable.

bag from jersey and cotton
That was the beauty. And now to the beast … I mentioned this nightmare of a shirt in my last post. I used the Hot Cocoa Sweater by Dixie DIY  (it’s FREE too 🙂 ) as a base. It was in no way the fault of the pattern that it didn’t turn out very well … it were my decisions and alterations … First I decided to make it tighter, since she described it as quite roomy. That was no bad decision … but using a non-stretchy rayon for the sleeves was one … it just didn’t work. But I hadn’t enough of the olive green  jersey to make sleeves from it. That’s why I wanted to make the sleeves half olive green and half dark blue. So why not make a fancy border between them (well, maybe because it’s hard to sew … but that’s what I knew afterwards). And why not making it even harder by adding zippers to the sleeves … The original collar looked a bit odd, when it was broken by the zippers. So I decided to turn it inside and topstitch it. That looked way better but then the neckline stood away from the neck … I reworked the front part of the neckline and now it’s okay … as long as I stand still and straight … once I start to move everything gets out of place again. So I have a new shirt to wear at home 🙂 The photos show the shirt on my selfmade dressform. I made it myself because there aren’t many skinny dwarf dress forms out there.

olive green and blue raglan sleeve shirtolive green and blue raglan sleeve shirtolive green and blue raglan sleeve shirt

Tomorrow is the first day of Me-Made-May!!! I’m excited … hope to make it through the full month …


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