Flowers for birthday

It’s pretty normal to get flowers for birthday. Meanwhile it is almost as normal for my friends to give me fabric or a voucher for fabric for my birthday too. 🙂 Lucky me.

It must have been two years ago when I got this lovely floral Jersey. For me it is always interesting to see what people think I might like. Jersey is always a good choice. And those colours… just perfect! (I try to stay in my autmn colour palette… but sometimes I get carried away by a nice pattern or the structure of a fabric)

I got 1,8m of this sleek and heavy Jersey. That’s always enough to cover my tiny body. Since the print is quite busy I didn’t want it to be interrupted by to many seams. So I found the perfect pattern in a magazine, that I discovered when I got several issues for birthday from a dear friend (she knows me well) some years ago. It’s the CUT Magazine . This dress pattern called “Izzy” was in the latest and sadly last issue of the magazine, No. 14. A casual and comfy t-shirt dress with pockets! What I liked about the dress was the construction of the sleeves and the shapes of neckline and hem (round and angled in the front and angled and round in the back… I’ll just insert the line drawing and you will know what I mean 🙂 ) I made the smallest size with no alterations!


The pattern isn’t designed for knit fabrics. They even used wool for their original version. I guess everything that has some weight will work. Meanwhile I did another version in a ponte knit (still not photographed, because there is so much more in the pipeline). It was a solid colour this time so I had to be more accurate with the top stitching. Yes, top stitching on knit fabric…it always seems impossible until it’s done 🙂

I wear this dress the whole year round! It’s is a very good travel companion because it doesn’t get wrinkled. And even if it would, the print would hide it 🙂 It was just last year when I finally got around to get it photographed properly, on a work trip to the lovely greek island Kos.


Crazy Camouflage Cape Dress

I always wanted to sew a cape dress. By always I mean since the trend popped up in around 2012 or so. All my attempts to draft one failed sooner or later. Then I saw this beauty Very Purple Person made using a Boostrap pattern. It’s a pattern for knit fabrics… and you know I love to sew with jersey… Furthermore Novita has similar body measurements so I knew it would work with my body type (well… Bootstrap patterns are rendered according to your very own measurement so they are supposed to fit… but theres a difference between fit and fit…if you know what I mean)

I have to thank Novita not only for the inspiration but also for her tip to not get confused by the instructions wich are very misleading when it comes to the construction of the sleeve… or what a cape dress has where normal dresses have sleeves. I spent quite some time pinning and trying almost every possible way it could work… and I found one. I also adopted Novitas way of finishig the neckline.

The fabric was a very soft and stretchy rayon jersey. I bought it as a remnant on sale at my local fabric shop just around the corner (where I used to live some years ago). I went there with the mission to cheer myself up by touching (and potentially buying) nice fabrics. And those bright colours totally fit the bill. It was just 1.5m but with some pattern piece shuffling it worked out.

The warm temperatures in the desert of Chile were a good excuse to wear the dress. But with a tank top and some tights I could also wear it on my birthday  (It’s in July but that doesn’t always mean warm and sunny here in Germany)


There are still two unblogged birthday-dresses in my closet. Hope to show them to you before there’s a third one 🙂

Evolution of my favorite pants

Until now you should be used to see different versions of the same pattern from me. This is the second attempt at Burda 6991 (meanwhile there is even a third one 🙂 ). As always I used the smallest size a 34 (which is actually a 36 printed at 90%). I had to take the waist in, so I lost about 10 cm of the circumference. I guess I don’t have to mention, that I shortened the legs as well.

I wasn’t able to find wide shoe laces when I made my first pair . But this time I had the right ones in my stash. They were attached to the sweat pants I used to make a comfy dress from.

The fabric is something synthetic that has a white sleek inside and a navy velvety outside with little white crosses. As most of my fabrics I purchased it for 2€/m at the fabric market at Maybachufer here in Berlin. Well, not exactly at the market… but in front of a bakery some metres down the street, that sells fabrics in front of their store on saturdays.


As you can see, I like to combine it with a simple striped top (some of the few things I regularly wear, but that’s not made by me) Perfect for a weekend trip to the lake…


… and even longer trips (This is the Uyuni Salt lake in Bolivia)

I photographed some more makes when I was on vacation in South America last year. I just have to find some time to put them up here.

I had to “skip” MeMadeMay this year. I fullfilled my vow to wear a different me-made garment each day. But that’s what I do anyway almost the whole year around. The biggest challenge, but also the thing that MMM is about for me, is to take a picture of my outfit everyday. I hope I can take part again next year. But first I have to blog more than 20 garments I made but didn’t document here yet.

Thank you for your patience (again 🙂 )

Lovely Jacket by Chance

For attending a wedding in April last year (seems like weddings are my second hobby beside sewing) I needed something to wear with my Ailakki Jumpsuit. There was an issue of Burda Easy  (autumn/ winter 2015) lying around ( I borrowed it from a friend, just to check if there is something interessting inside) There were some variations of a blouson jacket (I used version 4B). I thought this kind of jacket could easily be worn after the wedding too. I had some satin like fabric in my stash I bought in Porto several years ago. It was supposed to become a decorative element on a coat (I never made). I had my doubts, but the 1m was enough for the jacket. The fabric has a matt and a shiny side. The shiny side made it suitable for a wedding and matched the jumpsuit very well. The matt side gave a nice but not too hard contrast for the sleeves.



For the cuffs I used some matching jersey that was already in my stash too. It is a bit to soft for this purpose. But who cares if it looks so nice 🙂


This easy jacket has some nice details like the darts at the neckline and the welt pockets. For the wedding I added a selfmade brooch.


Those nice shots (and the proof that this jacket has a life after beeing wedding guest attire) were takenin Edinburgh during our Scotland trip last year.


Yay, I made a blog post before May 😉 Please stay tuned because there is some nice stuff in the pipeline ( I was quite productive in the last time…)

A big hug to all my readers!

A drapey lovestory

It’s no secret that I love the GBSB Drapey Dress. I loved it even before it was released (because COS sold the exact same dress).


I was very lucky that the pattern came as a free download. There are not many pattern pieces. So it was easy for me to figure out how to sew the dress. I didn’t miss the instructions. This time (well it’s the fifth one I made) I took pictures of my way of  assembling the dress.

First I attached the pockets to the middle part of the front.

Second (optional) step was to join my back of the dress. This step was only necessary because I used two types of fabric. One was the remnant from my mothers second Drapey Dress (a soft velvety fabric) and one was Jersey.

In the third step I added the upper left bodice part (including the back of the left pocket)

This was followed by the upper right bodice piece. If you want you can baste the fold at the neckline.

The fifth step is the shoulder seam.

If you go for the long sleeve version those sleeves are added in the sixth step.

Now you just have to close the side seams and add the neckline facing. I had to add a band at the hem because I forgot to lengthen the pattern this time. (I printed it out at only 90% of the original size to get my size. But that means I need to lengthen it a bit in my case)

The dress was the perfect option for the scottish weather. I wore it visiting one of my favourite places in Glasgow: the wintergarden next to the Peoples Palace.


The fourth version of this dress was a special one! I added invisible zippers to the seams in the upper bodice to create a nursing dress for a friend. And I was assured it works 🙂
I finished all hems with the twin needle using two different colours matching the fine stripes of the fabric.

I guess this wasn’t my last one…

How often do you sew a pattern you like?


Jump (for my love) – Named Ailakki

I thought this 80ies classic is a good description for what this post is about. A jumpsuit made for the celebration of love (yes… I went to a wedding again 🙂 )

When I am invited to a wedding I try to match my outfit to the colour scheme. As the invitation shows, it was purple this time:

This very light and soft satin-like fabric was already in my stash. And the right pattern was chosen quickly. Previously I made several skirt and top combos and dresses for those occasions. It was time for a Jumpsuit. The Ailakki Jumpsuit from Named Patterns.

The delicate fabric was a bit hard to work with, but somehow it worked out. I used it for the lining too. Besides conquering the fabric, the fitting also was a challenge. I rarely make muslins  because I don’t spend much money on the fabric anyway and I see it as a part of the process to make it work in the end. I suppose the pattern is designed for a larger bust than mine (although it makes wearing a bra near to impossible). I had to take it in at the side seams of the bodice quite a lot. Some centimetres at the shoulder seams had to leave too. It feels like I spent some hours in front of the mirror pinning the bodice to my body to make it fit and to cover the bra properly. I don’t own a bra that sticks to your skin without any straps. A regular halterless bra wouldn’t work with the deep v-back. And sewing cups between the two layers of fabric wasn’t my weapon of choice, since the fabric is so thin and shiny, I was afraid it would definitely be visible. A have a bra with variable straps. I removed the shlouder straps and installed the one long strap that is hooked to the back closure and goes around your belly and back again. The closure sits beneath the back opening and the strap is covered by the waistband. I bought a matching invisible zipper but somehow it didn’t work out. So I went for a big visible one. I like the rough touch it adds to this rather fine garment.

I was not able (or willing) to take pictures of the jumpsuit outside in the daylight in Germany in April. But we were shooting in wonderful Adalusia in Spain where it was sufferable to wear outside. Our lovely make up artist loves her job and voluntarily did my hair, make up and the pictures during a shooting break.






The wedding I made it for was on April 30th and the weather in Germany didn’t get as sunny and warm. So I made a matching jacket (There will be an separate post n this)



And finally I caught the wedding bouquet (the tradition says that I am the next to get married… stay tuned 😉 )


Over the summer I sewed some nice pieces but most of them aren’t photographed yet… but this will surely happen before I marry!!!

I’m still on the hunt for another jumpsuit pattern. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much for bearing with me! I hope to get back to a more frequent blogging rhythm 🙂

Namaste in full bloom

Yoga is my favourite sportif activity (Maybe because it doesn’t always feel like sport) And if you do Yoga it is good to have some pairs of nice Leggings. My newest ones are made of Jersey with a flowery print. (Made from my TNT pattern  “Roxy” from La Maison Victor Autmn 2014)


Finally I made the Sierra Bra from the free Pattern by lovely Madalynne. It’s my first attempt at sewing a bra (or underwear in general). But her sewalong was very helpful and left me very proud of my first piece of underwear. And it is so comfy that I like to wear it everywhere… and do Yoga.



The third piece of my new Yoga gear is a simple shirt for keeping me warm during Shavasana. It is based on my selfdrafted hi-low shirt. I just added a wide band to the hem and left the sleeve hems and the neckline undone to give it a casual look.


And before I forget… the finale of Me Made May…

See you next May! (Well, I promise to show you some of my creations before that 🙂 )