Light as a feather dress

To get back into sewing I chose a pattern I have sewn before. It is my dress version of the Burda Style Peplum Top 08/2012 . Again no zipper, no seam allowance, sleeves from another pattern and some centimeters less at the waist.

When I finished the dress itself I knew I had to add some decorative elements. My thoughts went from trompe l’oeil pearls (like I did on this Shirt) to gems made from polymer clay. But the gems seamed to heavy for the delicate fabric. So finally I went for stylised feathers from jersey fabric. Many people tell me that I am a featherweight. So they make sense, don’t they? (Infact I’m 10kg lighter than featherweight … I would go in the category of half-flyweight … well, half flys might not be as decorative)

The pictures were taken on a roof in Brixton (Who knew that London could be this sunny 🙂 )

simple jersey dress from peplum shirt pattern

jersey dress

jersey dress
This colourful bird obviously attracted both sun and wind

The picture above shows the third feather I placed on the skirt.

Finally a detail shot of the feathers on the bodice.jersey feather application

This time I will not make any prediction how long it will take me to complete my next sewing project … hopefully not that long.