Trompe l’œil pearls

Next on my sewing list was a denim skirt. But suddenly it was the birthday of a good friend. She liked the oversized top I made using this pattern from BurdaStyle.
This time I replaced the facings with my beloved facing stripes. It gives a clean finish and since you can see the inside of the sleeves through the big armholes they should look nice there too.
My friend has a website (Chansonkritik) on which she discusses concerts and records of mostly German musicians. I wanted to make this shirt her work wear by painting the logo on it. But not only the logo…
There seems to be a (not new) trend in fashion: trompe l’œil. Back in the early 1950ies Hermes paintes scarves and collars on dresses.

trompe l’oeil hermes

And Moschino had a lot of trompe l’œil pieces in it’s pre-fall 2012 collection

trompe l’oeil moschino pre-fall 2012

My trompe l’œil is a pearl necklace I “painted” by stamping every pearl with the rubber of a pencil.

stamped pearls
oversized shirt

oversized shirt back
The necklace continues around the neck (of course … otherwise it would fall down)

oversized shirt with pearl necklace

I even crafted a little label. I have a stamp where you can write your own text with little rubber letters. The ink should be washable till 90˚C ( but the fabric paint on the shirt only allows 40˚C anyway) I like its imperfection…that’s the schmidt that happens 🙂
schmidt happens label

Maybe I get the denim skirt finished the next week… but today I got an invitation to a wedding that’s on december 2oth … so I “have to” sew myself a dress (and I don’t even know what it will look like at the moment…any suggestions?)


4 thoughts on “Trompe l’œil pearls

  1. hello, i find your project so good.Wich size did you take? I’m asking you that because i’m going do this blouse for a bithday friend’s present. And also what kind of sewing machine do you use?i’m pretty curious isn’t it? take care , cherio !!!

    1. Hello Elise,
      I bought this pattern as a download pattern on the burdastyle website. It’s a pattern for tall people (and I’m the opposite, just 1,57m). So I printed it out at only 90% and cut out the smallest size (that was a 76…before grading). Usually I need a size 32/34. My friend I made this for has a size 36 and said that it fits just perfect. Since this is a pattern without shoulder seams and with loose fit I think you can wear this size from 32 till 38.
      I used a serger for this shirt, but I made it before using a normal sewing machine. I used the normal machine with a twin-needle for the armholes and the hem (so it stays a bit stretchable)
      Hope that helps. Just get back to me, if you have any further questions.

      1. thank’s for replying so promptly! Ionly just see your answer now…and it helps me.
        I’m not using jersey this time.I find it’s not so easy to understand how i must do the sleeves part but it’s nearly finished.Will send you a photo.on your e mail box perhaps?also i love all your sewing projects!

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