Presents and Procrastination

I planned to sew and post more this month but well … I didn’t. I wanted to sew a denim skirt, a peplum shirt (hopefully it’s still in vogue next year) and a dress for christmas. But there was this sewing job for a photographer (very abstract and not even finished yet), a trip to London, birthday parties, a wedding and the usual christmas preparations.
Last year I did Vogue 8511 for christmas … this year I bought a green dress in London.

green dress for christams vogue 8511
Christmas dress 2011

At least I managed to finish the presents in time. My mum really liked the fabric and cut of a dress I made in summer.

Simplicitys 2406 Cynthia Rowley  herringbone dress
Simplicitys 2406 Cynthia Rowley in a light herringbone patterned fabric

Since my mum doesn’t wear dresses I made her a shirt from the same pattern.Simplicitys 2406 Cynthia Rowley  shirt
Simplicitys 2406 Cynthia Rowley shirt
The dress has a long back slit or a zipper. For the shirt I made a sling and button closure. The button is handmade. It has 6 holes so I could repeat the chevron-like pattern of the dress with the thread. I even made some buttons for a blouse I will sew next year. They have 9 holes so I can create letters with the thread.

handmade button chevron

The shirt wasn’t the only present I sewed. Last year I made cuffs for some friends.

This year I wanted to make something simple but nice again … first I thought maybe loop scarves. But I believe almost everyone already owns a loop scarf. Then I came across shrugs while browsing through the web. And you don’t need a pattern to make one! I made them using this tutorial. I made a sporty one in purple jersey and a wider cosy one in the fake knit jersey.

jersey shrug
jersey shrug
jersey shrug
jersey shrug

Did you sew something for christmas? For yourself or as a present?

Have a nice time with your family and friends!!!