New Year – New Motivation

I wish everyone a happy New Year! (Is it to late for that? At least it is still January 🙂 )
Many people start the new year with resolutions. One of the most popular resolution might be to exercise more. In order to motivate myself I made some excercise wear last year. (My most popular resolution is to post my makes right after finishing them and not half a year later…) Because Yoga is my favourite kind of sport I made a pair of leggings and a tank top (There is still a longsleeved top on my to-sew list to keep me warm through shavasana…my favourite part of doing Yoga)

The leggings are made using the same pattern I used for my last pair (it’s ‘Roxy’ from La Maison Victor.) It was a quick make since I already adjusted the pattern to my measurements (made the waist a bit higher, legs a bit tighter and shorter).

The tank top was made using the pattern from my hi-low dress The fabric of the leggings was used for the back panel the hem and the binding of neckline and armholes. The main fabric was a remnant. I didn’t remember that it was that stretchy. To bring the neckline back to a sport appropriate form, I added a little gathering in the front. It looks pretty intended, don’t you think so?

These pictures, once again, were made at work. We shot trampoline fitness videos and I was the double for some split screen shots. It happend that I wore the dress the tank top is based on the second day of shooting. It is not really suitable for sportive activities, but I was pretending anyway.


Do you have any resolutions (or even re-sew-lutions 🙂 ) for 2016? How long do you pursue them? (In my case, usually till February 😉 )

Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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