15cm of Fame

There is this saying “Everyone got their 15 minutes of fame”. In my case it were 15cm. After posting my second version of the mullet dress at BurdaStyle I got an e-mail from Burda if I have this picture in higher resolution and if I would let them print it in one of the next issues of BurdaStyle maganzine in Germany. Well … yes and yes.

My dress and me in BurdaStyle 10/2012
My dress and me in BurdaStyle 10/2012

Once again I used the pattern from BurdaStyle 03/2012. The Dress isn’t very spectacular from the front.
mullet or hi-low dress from burda style 03 2012

I used some contrasting fabric for the pockets.
pocket on hi-low dress

It’s the same fabric I used für my skirt of the Lucy outfit. To spice it up a little bit I added a panel to the back.
back panel on hi-low dress
detail of back panel

I wore this dress for day 29 of Me-Made-May’13. Now it’s almost over (and to be honest I don’t have many selfmade garments left anyway)
Me-Made-May'13 Day 29
That was not my day … I even forgot to add the day in my hand …
Me-Made-May'13 Day28
Me-Made-May'13 Day27
Me-Made-May'13 Day 26


7 thoughts on “15cm of Fame

  1. I have enjoyed seeing all of your outfits! You have a great sense of style and you are quite talented when it comes to making your own clothes! Looking forward to seeing what else you make in posts to come. 🙂

  2. Congrats on getting in print! You have great style and I’ve loved seeing all of your dresses for the past month. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  3. Oooh look at you in print! Very nice, I’d be proud too. And that dress is gorgeous! Love the back panel….you obviously know your style, I can pick your outfits out straight away on the burdastyle site.

  4. Hi, I just found out about your blog though another blogpost. Have no idea why I have not seen your blog before as I’m also a WP blogger. Excited now to follow you and see what garments you sew! And, Wow, that dress is just gorgeous, i can see why Burda wanted you in their magazine! Congratulations. All of your outfits on this post are just lovely. You have a very classic yet modern style, love it!

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