Christmas outfit – just in time

The “just in time” refers to finishing the outfit not the blog post. Although there are still some other finished things waiting to be blogged about I thought I better show you my Christmas outfit first before it might get mistaken for an Easter outfit. But now let me wish you a happy new year before it gets to late for that too 😉

christmas outfit 2014
All patterns I used are from very nice magazines. I already showed you some makes from the german magazine “CUT” (some pants and a blazer. You haven’t seen a t-shirt and a coat yet) For my Christmas outfit I wanted to make another version of the blazer and some shorts. In November Stoff & Stil opened a big shop near my flat and my office (dangerous!) I spotted a lovely teal/white/dark blue plaid flannel and decided to base my outfit on it. The shorts should be made of this flannel only. Since I made the blazer before, I knew that it has some features I could accentuate with it. The top is based on a pattern from the magazine La Maison Victor. Meanwhile there are 6 issues in dutch and french. But only one in german. I chose the top ‘Fauve’ from this Autumn 2014 issue. They used a contrasting fabric for the facing because the pleats on the neckline let you actually see it. Just the right place for my flannel 🙂 Although all the places I planned to go on Christmas are well heated and I would have the blazer on top, I didn’t want to go sleeveless. So here is how I planned my outfit to look like:
xmas outfit sketch xmas outfit sketch
I knew where I would get the flannel from. I just had to buy a dark blue zipper for the shorts. I only had a brown on in the right length. In the end I realized that I could have used this one too. You dont see the zipper from the outside. So the blue zipper was kind of a gift to myself 🙂  The fabric for the top and the blazer had to be chosen to match the flannel. I didn’t have anything in dark blue in my stash anymore (I squeezed 3 longsleeved tops out of my 2m dark blue jersey. There couldn’t be anymore left for this project) But I found some poly-something mystery fabric in my stash. It’s not the exact shade of teal but it matches well. I even had a scrap of teal ponte knit. Just enough for the shoulder panel of the lining. So I could have something soft against my neck. I went to the fabric market to get some dark blue fabric for the top. And I managed to buy just the dark blue jersey (okay…and some black jersey that one should always have in stock).

I started with the shorts. The pattern is from CUT magazine no. 11. Every pattern in the magazine has detailed instructions with a lot of pictures. First I was a bit confused because they let you fold your fabric left sides together before you place your pattern pieces on it. I was used to do it with right sides together. I thought there must be a reason for doing so. But in fact there wasn’t. I even had to do every following step the other way around to make it work. That is way my zipper is on the other side. But I don’t mind. I’m even a bit proud of myself because I managed to turn every step around in my head. I have severe problems with left and right in daily life! (I was told that every woman has it, but hopfully not as bad as I do).

pattern pieces shorts
After cutting I serged the raw edges of the pieces. One moment I thought that might have been one step to much, since I originally planned to sew the whole thing with the serger… but then decided that it is more comfortable to sew it with my regular machine.

shorts serged pattern pieces
I finished the shorts with one of my selfmade letter buttons (as seen on this blouse) This time I sewed it on with an X because it looks a bit like a snowflake (although we didn’t have any snow for christmas this year)

selfmade button

Next on the sewing table was the blazer. It’s the ‘Blazer Frazer’ vom CUT magazine no. 8. Because I did this blazer before (see here) I didn’t have to trace and adjust the pattern. I went straight to the cutting.

blazer pattern piecesThe only thing I changed was to not add the button and the buttonhole because I didn’t use the closure on my first blazer and the design works fine without it too. I like how the fluffy flannel and ponte knit goes together with the more sleek outer fabric.

blazer fabrics detail

Last but not least, the top. I wanted the top to be long sleeved or at least 3/4. One option was to draft or find a sleeve that fits into the existing armhole. Since this armhole was not designed for a sleeve and I have very very limited pattern drafting skills I went the quick and dirty way. I took my selfdrafted hi-low shirt and taped it’s dolman style sleeve to the pattern pieces. And that’s it. Worked out very good. I used the flannel for the facing and top stitched the pleats with teal thread.

top detail pleats
Finally some shots from the completed outfit. My colleague shot them at work. I didn’t have a christmas tree at home this year.

top fauvre la maison victortop fauve la maison victorchristmas outfit from CUT magazine and la maison victorblazer frazer from CUT magazine
I think the last pic was intended to be kind of a christmas tree pin up…but I’m more a clown than a pin up girl 🙂

christmas outfit
I really enjoyed making and wearing my Christmas outfit. How did yours turn out?
Now it seems like this is not the end but the start of festive sewing for me…there are two weddings to come this year. That means I need two more wedding guest outfits (and one wedding dress… not for me! For a good friend… exciting adventure!)


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