Jump (for my love) – Named Ailakki

I thought this 80ies classic is a good description for what this post is about. A jumpsuit made for the celebration of love (yes… I went to a wedding again 🙂 )

When I am invited to a wedding I try to match my outfit to the colour scheme. As the invitation shows, it was purple this time:

This very light and soft satin-like fabric was already in my stash. And the right pattern was chosen quickly. Previously I made several skirt and top combos and dresses for those occasions. It was time for a Jumpsuit. The Ailakki Jumpsuit from Named Patterns.

The delicate fabric was a bit hard to work with, but somehow it worked out. I used it for the lining too. Besides conquering the fabric, the fitting also was a challenge. I rarely make muslins  because I don’t spend much money on the fabric anyway and I see it as a part of the process to make it work in the end. I suppose the pattern is designed for a larger bust than mine (although it makes wearing a bra near to impossible). I had to take it in at the side seams of the bodice quite a lot. Some centimetres at the shoulder seams had to leave too. It feels like I spent some hours in front of the mirror pinning the bodice to my body to make it fit and to cover the bra properly. I don’t own a bra that sticks to your skin without any straps. A regular halterless bra wouldn’t work with the deep v-back. And sewing cups between the two layers of fabric wasn’t my weapon of choice, since the fabric is so thin and shiny, I was afraid it would definitely be visible. A have a bra with variable straps. I removed the shlouder straps and installed the one long strap that is hooked to the back closure and goes around your belly and back again. The closure sits beneath the back opening and the strap is covered by the waistband. I bought a matching invisible zipper but somehow it didn’t work out. So I went for a big visible one. I like the rough touch it adds to this rather fine garment.

I was not able (or willing) to take pictures of the jumpsuit outside in the daylight in Germany in April. But we were shooting in wonderful Adalusia in Spain where it was sufferable to wear outside. Our lovely make up artist loves her job and voluntarily did my hair, make up and the pictures during a shooting break.






The wedding I made it for was on April 30th and the weather in Germany didn’t get as sunny and warm. So I made a matching jacket (There will be an separate post n this)



And finally I caught the wedding bouquet (the tradition says that I am the next to get married… stay tuned 😉 )


Over the summer I sewed some nice pieces but most of them aren’t photographed yet… but this will surely happen before I marry!!!

I’m still on the hunt for another jumpsuit pattern. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much for bearing with me! I hope to get back to a more frequent blogging rhythm 🙂