Namaste in full bloom

Yoga is my favourite sportif activity (Maybe because it doesn’t always feel like sport) And if you do Yoga it is good to have some pairs of nice Leggings. My newest ones are made of Jersey with a flowery print. (Made from my TNT pattern  “Roxy” from La Maison Victor Autmn 2014)


Finally I made the Sierra Bra from the free Pattern by lovely Madalynne. It’s my first attempt at sewing a bra (or underwear in general). But her sewalong was very helpful and left me very proud of my first piece of underwear. And it is so comfy that I like to wear it everywhere… and do Yoga.



The third piece of my new Yoga gear is a simple shirt for keeping me warm during Shavasana. It is based on my selfdrafted hi-low shirt. I just added a wide band to the hem and left the sleeve hems and the neckline undone to give it a casual look.


And before I forget… the finale of Me Made May…

See you next May! (Well, I promise to show you some of my creations before that 🙂 )


Mix and match wedding guest outfits

Finally I found some time to put something up here again. But at least now I can put all of this years wedding guest outfits in one post. Last year I attended two weddings. I wore a sequined skirt paired with two differnt tops matching the different weather conditions. This year there were five weddings… And I didn’t want to wear the exact same outfit I wore to another wedding again.

Since I wanted to make myself a pair of culottes for some time now, I found the first wedding to be a nice occasion. My dear friends gave my vouchers for different fabric shops here in Berlin for birthday. I found this dark red (it could almost be the Pantone colour of the year 2015 – Marsala) Acetat-Poly blend in the shop just across the street from my home. It isn’t actually plain dark red it is mottled with black. I liked it at first sight and my voucher was enough for 1.5m and matching thread.

I used the Burda Style Midi Culottes pattern from 03/2015. Especially the pleats in the front attracted me. I made size 36. I knew that I would have to take out some length if they should become Midi Culottes. But I decided to keep the extra length because I wanted to wear them with high heels (borrowed from my colleague…way to high for me…but experience makes you lern…)
Just the evening before I whipped up the blouse. It is based on my selfdrafted hi-low top. I just added the collar. Everything is sewn together using my serger…quick and dirty 🙂 But it worked.

To build a connection to the culottes I added a bow made of the same fabric to the blouse. It’s just basted by hand (one hour before the wedding 🙂 ) Except the shoes it was a very comfy outfit.
culottes burda style 03 2015
I actually climbed a tower in this outfit. (But I put off the shoes for the way down 🙂 )
culottes burda style 03 2015
The pockets saved me from making/buying a matching purse. The outfit was finished last minute and I don’t know how I could have squeezed in making a bag anyway.

For the second weddding I did not only sew my outfit but the dress of the bride too. (I will go a bit more into detail about it in another post. The bride gave me a dress with broken zipper she did not need anymore. It wasn’t my size and not completely my style. I made a simple pencil skirt from it. Simple only in terms of shape. The fabric itself had two layers. One solid coloured poly-something with a bit of stretch. The upper layer was a mesh with fabric sequins in different sizes. Each held by a tiny bead. Although it was a strapless dress there was still some fabric left after I did the skirt. So I puzzled a heart from it (lots of hand sewing involved) and added it to a simple hi-low shirt (a quick selfdrafted one with just a front and a back piece). I bought some simple not too high black shoes to go with it. The breezy top was just the right choice for that hot summer day!
i <3 weddings :)
The inspiration for the top came from Megan Nielsen. I admire her Valentines Day Version of the Briar top.
sequined skirt and shirt
Some weeks later we went to the third wedding. This wedding had a colour scheme. The bride wanted her girls to wear coral. The second colour was green. In May we went to Barcelona together with the bride (a hen party/bachelorette party as a three day trip) I made clutches for all the girls. Of course I used coral and green. I finished them during our winter vacation. Suddenly I was well known around the whole village to be “the girl with the sewing machine” after the maid saw it while cleaning the room and told all her friends about it. (I didn’t think it would be so special to bring a sewing machine to a hotel room…)
clutches for hen party
The clutches had different linings (as shown on the tags) and each had a selfmade letter-button with the first letter of it’s owner.
I already had some shoes in coral and green and looked for fabric to match them. I found a lightweight coral denim with a cheetah pattern online.
coral fabric and shoes
I designed the dress. A sleeveless drop waist dress with a ruffle at the hem and a triangular cut out in the front and in the back. I added stripes of fabric to cover the areas the bra would show. But the weather became colder the closer the wedding day was. I had some very green tights and I decided to be brave enough to wear them to the wedding. First because they matched the coulour scheme and second because I didn’t want to feel cold. Then I bought a tanktop the same green to wear underneath. And finally I added sleeves to the dress… Looking back I think a less stiff fabric would have worked better for the silhouette of the dress. But it gave a nice body the the skirt part. The location was lovely. The Spreewald is a wonderful part of Germany.
coral green
coral green coral green coral green
If you think these were nice outfits but you don’t see the mix and match anywhere, you are right 🙂 But here we go.

The fourth wedding was celebrated in an old ball room.  So I went for something a bit more classy. There were still some of the fabric sequins left from the dress I made into a skirt. I used felt as a base and made two hearts to wear in my hair and at the collar. These little pieces completed the whole look with the blouse from the first wedding and the skirt from the second one.
pencil skirt and blouse

For the fifth wedding I wanted to wear the cullottes again. But I didn’t manage to finish a new top in time. But the blouse from wedding one and four turned out to be a good base for a nice outfit. I liked it together with a pencil skirt so I took another one from my closet (The comfy pencil skirt I made years ago). To complete the outfit I digged into my stash of fabric scraps (I knew they would be useful at some point) and found remnants of the skirt. I cut out two pieces shaped like a long heart, sewed them together, turned the right side out and ruffle it while adding pearls of different sizes. The pearls had the colour of the blouse and this little brooch created the connection between all elements of the outfit.
pencil skirt and blouse again

For this year the wedding season is over now. And I already sewed some more casual stuff for myself and for my mother. I try do show it to you before all the newly weds enter the next level and I have to/ want to sew baby related things 🙂

See you soon 😉

Me Made May 2015 and a lot of work

I’m back again! Me Made May is always a good reason to take up the blogging again. Today I’m going to show you a little bit of what I’m doing at work. At least the sewing related part. As I work in a video production company sewing is no part of my job description. But from time to time I get to use a sewing machine. We shot a fitness DVD and I quickly made some bright pink curtains for the background.
sewing at work
The studio provided me with an old Pfaff sewing machine. I never used a machine like this. There was no manual and no one I could ask. But we got along quite well.
sewing at work
My colleague did some behind the scenes pictures of me while sewing
sewing at work
sewing at work
I know that you normally don’t use black thread for pink curtains. But well, it was the only thread available and the seam was out of frame. The Pfaff and I enjoyed working together. Another thing I sewed were some super hero capes for a mineral water commercial 🙂
sewing for work
But since this blog is usually about the clothing I make for me and people I like, let’s talk about the jacket I’m wearing in these pics. In fact it is only a wearable muslin. I made the pattern for this jacket by tracing a RTW jersey jacket I own. I like the shape and fit of this jacket. But it is orange with black lapels and that’s why not very versatile to combine. The fabric was not the best choice for a muslin. It is very very soft and stretches easily. So the pattern pieces got a bit bigger than supposed. I didn’t mind because it were only scraps of leftover fabric from some dresses. But the jacket turned out to be a nice cardigan, even away from the sofa.
detail fabrics grey jersey jacket
grey jersey jacket
The original jacket has no seams in the lapel. My limited amount of fabric forced me to improvise. Also the lapel never lays flat because both fabrics are so soft and drapy and I’m interfacing lazy (Does this word even exist? But I really almost only use interfacing when sewing bags or purses)
grey jersey jacket
We used the opportunity of having a well lit studio to shoot some pics of my second version of this jacket too. I made it to wear to my class reunion (yes, my A-levels are 10 years ago now). Back then I designed the t-shirt everyone wore on the last day of school (a little alien standing on a pile of books that reaches from the earth to the universe, to symbolise how far our education will get us…very pathetic, I know 🙂 ) I wasn’t sure if I really got something to compete with my fellow pupils (Well, I studied and graduated as engineer in multimedia technologies and I have a job I really like… but you know there are always these doctors and people working in big companies and stuff like this) So I thought probably no one of them would fit in the t-shirt from our last day at school.  I planned to wear it with my comfy pencil skirt . There was some green jersey in my stash that matched the green of the t-shirt. I dug a bit deeper and found some remnants of the skirt fabric. When placing the pattern pieces onto it I couldn’t mind the grain of the fabric. So I had a hard time sewing the two types of more or less stretchy fabric together without getting wavy seams.
detail green jersey jacketdetail green jersey jacket
Some time after I finished my second version Schnittchen released the pattern Mona. It would have saved me quite some work to just buy this pattern instead of making my own. Although my jacket has some different details. It has a round, kind of princess seam in the front that works like a bust dart. The back is longer than the front but in contrast to the Mona jacket it is rounded in my version and has no seam/vent. Now you are curious to see the jacket in action? Well, here we go:

jersey jacket in action
Yes, it was the shooting of a fitness trampoline DVD and no, these shoes are not adequate to use it…

If action meant class reunion to you… I took off the jacket soon because it was to warm in there. But I have this re-creation of our former class photo as an evidence I actually wore it.
evidence class reunion
And If you made it all the way through this post just because you wanted to know how my Me Made May went untill know, I will not let you wait any longer. I wore the jacket on day 06. The last couple of days I didn’t have a photographer at hand. I’m not a selfie person but it’s Me Made May and I want to document the outfits on the day I actually wore them.
Thank you for stopping by!
MMM15_07 MMM15_08

One Skirt, Two Weddings

First there was this beautiful sequined jersey I bought some time ago. I always knew that it should become a skirt. After some research and several nightmares I read about sewing sequined fabric I decided that it has to have no more seams than absolutely necessary. My fabric has metal sequins. I was afraid that they would kill everything that touches them… needles, blades, scissors. I found this tutorial on a single seam skirt made after your own measurements. Perfect. So I drafted the pattern, cut my fabric, removed the sequins from the seam allowance and stitched it together. Well…I added some centimetres for the hem on top and bottom. But I forgot to add the actual seam allowance to the centerbackseam. It could have worked since my fabric is a knit with a good amount of stretch. But the thread that holds the sequins isn’t elastic. I would not declare myself beaten that fast. I ripped the seam for about 10 cm from the top so I could get into the skirt and sewed some hook and eye closures to it. Since the skirt got quite tight without the proper seam allowance, they held the skirt together but you could see my skin in the spaces between them. Finally I found a small zipper I had removed from some old pants. I sewed it in by hand. First because zippers on jersey tend to get wavy and second because I didn’t want to have to remove so many sequins again. After I knew that I could actually wear this skirt I invested some time in sewing the waistband and the hem by hand. For the hem I used the un-sequined selvage of the fabric. So the sequines wouldn’t stick to tights I will possibly wear with the skirt when it’s colder.
The actual cause for finally starting to sew the skirt was the invitation to a wedding. Because I couldn’t attend the event just wearing a skirt I had to make a matching top. It was not going to be made of the sequined fabric too. That would have been to many sequins (and to much work 😉 ). I chose a lightweight jersey from my stash. I used it before for one of my hi-low dresses.I wanted something simple with only a little bit of sparkle. Therefor I drafted this V-neck top. It’s the same in the front and back (the advantages of having small boobs). The sparkle comes from a necklace I attached at the shoulders and in the center with some stripes of the same fabric. I had this plan before I had the necklace… I wanted it to be rosegold to match the skirt and the sequins. The desired colour limited the number of choices. Almost out of despair I bought a necklace at H&M that had several rosegold strings held by one closure. My plan was to remove some strings to make it look lighter. When trying to loose them from the closure I realised that each string was made of little elements that hold each other like the fingers of a hand. That way I could have one necklace and adapt it to my desired length by joining two strings to one. I almost did a little happy dance.

I even managed to make a little pouch out of the very few remnants of the fabric. It’s just a tiny sack with another part of the necklace as the handle.




sparkling wedding guest outfit


Later this year there was another wedding invitation. Since it wasn’t that warm anymore and because I decided that it might be better to cover the areas where the skirt sits a bit too tight, I made another top. The fabric is a goldish shiny jersey. Not the best quality as I discovered while sewing it, but it matched the skirt and it was cheap. The pattern is a peplum top from Burda (#114 08/2012) I made it before as a top and twice lengthened to a dress (1, 2) I shortened the front of the peplum to show more of the skirt. Because I’m short I have to be aware of proportions to not  look like a dwarf as much. Again I didn’t use the original sleeve. I used the one from my last Burda easy dresses ( like here: 1, 2, 3 and 4). I just like the little pleat in this place.

Meanwhile I wear the top more often than the skirt. I pair it with tight black pants and a cheetah printed head scarf.




This is a shot from the wedding photographer. I don’t have a name or contact to link to. But this picture is her work and she did a great job on this day. It is also nice to show you some details. The pleat on the sleeve, the necklace that I made out of the remnants from the first top’s necklace and the headband I covered in the sequined fabric to match the skirt. It such an easy hairdo. Just tucking your hair around the head band and securing it with some bobby pins.

Doesn’t I just look like I belong to this villa in the countryside back in the 1930ies 😉

My Christmas outfit makes progress. I finished two of three garments. Plaid flanell is involved in everyone of them 🙂 Meanwhile the latest issue of the magazine “La Maison Victor” arrived and I can start with the last one.

How is it going with your festive sewing?


Forget-me-not Shirts

It’s me again. You probably didn’t expect to see something new here so fast 🙂 But the truth is, I even finished these shirts last weekend. I just couldn’t post them before the parcel tracking told me that one of the shirts finally reached it’s destination. Some weeks ago my friend Steffi texted me that she is wearing the striped shirt we both have and that she is thinking of me. We used to work together but now she works at the other end of the country 😦 So I decided to make us some ‘Forget-me-not shirts’ for her birthday.

hi-low shirt variation number 6You may guess what pattern I based it on? Maybe I should start giving the variations names … for now it’s just ‘number 6’  (and 7) …
Forget-me-not shirtBecause there were two shirts it would have been a bit tricky to take pictures outside. Either I would have had to change in public or run home after the first round of shooting. We only have one room in our flat that has enough daylight. So my boyfriend asked me if I have a bigger piece of fabric we could use as a backdrop. It seems like he wasn’t realising that we are literally living in a fabric stash …


Forget-me-not-shirt_detail_sideWhile adding the triangle at the lower part of the shirt was relatively easy, the detail at the neckline was more complex. I spent some time positioning the two triangles and pinning them in place. If you have used your twin needle before you know that’s the diva of all needles … and you could imagine what it’s like to get the diva smoothly around that asymmetric neckline while fastening the triangles where they belong …



I hope Steffi likes her shirt as much as I like mine (I kept the darker one) …

Since today is the second of May it means that’s already Day 2 of Me-Made-May! So here comes the evidence:
schmidten me made may 13 day 01 The first of May is a holiday here in Germany. There is a big festival in one part of Berlin with lots of music and food and fun … I chose a casual jersey dress. The pattern is Dress 125 01/2011 from BurdaStyle. I call it the Darkwing Duck dress 🙂 You can find my project at BurdaStyle here. It looks a bit like there is a long neck contest going on between me and the blue guy in the background … well … he won.

schmidten me made may day 02 For the second day I wore my Swimming Pool Dress to work.

Did you join the Me-Made-May too? I will probably manage to wear something me-made everyday … I just hope I will find the time to make something new as well … so stay tuned!

Filling other people’s closets

It’s not like there was nothing happening on my sewing table lately…I just didn’t find time to write about it. In order to increase my blogging frequency I will join the ‘MeMadeMay2013’. I hope I have enough wearable me-made garments in my closet yet.
Most of the items I sewed in the last weeks were for other people. Well, I made myself a shirt out of jersey remnants…I learned a lot from it…but I don’t have a wearable shirt in the end. Maybe I will be brave enough to post it next time, once I fixed the neckline…
I planned to sew a dress for my mum to wear to a wedding. I even made a muslin and bought the fabric. But then the dresscode for the wedding was revealed and we had to start over again. I’ll post the dress soon. I just have to finish the matching bag.
My colleague asked me, if I could sew her a long dress for summer. She had two similar dresses that started to fall apart because she wore them a lot. I bought some very nice rayon for this dress. I was very pleased when I managed to transfer her measurements into a pattern for the dress. But soon I realised that there wasn’t enough fabric for the lining. I had some similar rayon in my stash. But it had a quite dark lavender colour. So my dear friend bleach was back in the game again. The colour changed to a soft pink that was light enough to not shine through the pale rayon of the dress.

detail of the lining
soft pink lining
lining of the dress
lining finished with a tiny hem

The dress fit her perfect. We just had to adjust the length. (I couldn’t test the length on myself, because even with my highest shoes I’m not as tall as the average german woman)

easy summer dress
ready for summer!

Because there wasn’t any sign of summer and I didn’t have any measurements I opted for the approved hi-low shirt when I planned a birthday present for another friend. I know that she likes stars ( at least I think so, because she has one tattooed in a very prominent place) I divided the pattern in different pieces and added a pocket again. I put some paper stars on one piece an sprinkled it with fabric paint (no bleach this time… I tested it, of course…but it didn’t work the way I want it). As always I would have kept it for myself if she didn’t like it…

hi-low shirt the fifth
Hi-low shirt number five

hi-low shirt with pocket
Stash busting in it’s nicest form

I hope to give you something new to read and see quite soon!!!

The Hi-Low Shirt reloaded

In the meantime I managed to cut out the pieces of a blouse (the last item on my to-sew list from last year … this year I didn’t even start a list … ) But before I’ll add another item to my closet I startet some projects for other people. I made a muslin for a dress my mum will wear at a wedding in may. I know march seems quite early to start with the dress. But I don’t see my parents often since they live 300km away. So I wanted to have the muslin ready for fitting, when I visit them the next time. I found the pattern on a Polish website, without any information on how to assemble the dress (another reason for my first muslin ever).
The second garment on my sewing table (not that I would have a sewing table … we have an eat-work-sew-whatever table) was something for my mum too. She liked my blue hi-low shirt but prefered a ‘normal’ hem. I adjusted my pattern to her desires. So I could give her something wearable besides the muslin for the dress.
jersey shirt from my own pattern
jersey shirt from my own pattern
The shirt for my mum was the third variation of my pattern. Why not add a forth … Today was the birthday of my lovely colleague Katharina. The forth variation is dedicated to her. The front is slightly longer as the one of the first version so she can wear it with pants. I also added a little pocket to the front. The back is made of a sheer black fabric with small beige dots.
hi-low shirt the forthhi-low shirt with sheer backNow look how Katharina rocks the shirt!

birthday girl Katharina
birthday girl Katharina

sheer back of hi-low shirt

Since I don’t have a to-sew list or a specific order for my sewing projects this year my next project is a surprise for you and me (or the blouse … finally).