Pants for Patience

It didn’t take me a lot of patience to do these pants. But you had to have quite a lot of it until you could read something new from me.
My most recent pants are from Burda 6991. This is a very easy pattern. The only challenge is to choose the right size. According to my measurements I had to make a 36. This is size S which is usually to big for me and I read that these pants are huge in the waist. Finally I decided to make size 34 (XS). The only alterations were to shorten the legs (about 10cm) and to move one side of the closure some centimetres closer to the outer seam. So I could tie it tighter. The recommended closure ist a stripe of leather or ribbon. Since I used some casual mystery fabric I imagined some so called ‘fat laces’ for this purpose. Back in the days I wore my sneakers with them. Well it seems they are out of fashion now. I couldn’t find them in any store. So instead I used two regular laces. Somedays after I finished these pants we shot a fitness DVD and I thought the set might be a nice backdrop for sportive pants.

burda pants 6991
You can never have to many bows in one outfit 🙂 I didn’t wear my bow earrings so there are only 4 bows this time.
burda pants 6991
detail of the closure

burda pants 6991

burda pants 6991

line drawing from Burda Style

These pants weren’t the first I’ve ever made. My first pair was ‘Vilma’. My friend gave me some issues of the german sewing magazine CUT for christmas. These pants seemed to be simple (I never did pants before). I bought very cheap fabric and some elastic band to try it. I made it a bit smaller than the smallest size and had to take it in at the thighs. I also added two pleats in the back and sewed them in place to reduce the paper bag effect. I added inseam pockets and lining at the hem to have another colour when I turn it up. Although the fabric was cheap it has a nice soft touch and is comfortable but a little bit to sturdy.
pants Vilma

pants Vilma

pants Vilma

pants ‘Vilma’ from CUT magazine no. 3

I have at least 7 garments waiting to be shown here. I hope not to tax your patience that much again 🙂

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