Crazy Camouflage Cape Dress

I always wanted to sew a cape dress. By always I mean since the trend popped up in around 2012 or so. All my attempts to draft one failed sooner or later. Then I saw this beauty Very Purple Person made using a Boostrap pattern. It’s a pattern for knit fabrics… and you know I love to sew with jersey… Furthermore Novita has similar body measurements so I knew it would work with my body type (well… Bootstrap patterns are rendered according to your very own measurement so they are supposed to fit… but theres a difference between fit and fit…if you know what I mean)

I have to thank Novita not only for the inspiration but also for her tip to not get confused by the instructions wich are very misleading when it comes to the construction of the sleeve… or what a cape dress has where normal dresses have sleeves. I spent quite some time pinning and trying almost every possible way it could work… and I found one. I also adopted Novitas way of finishig the neckline.

The fabric was a very soft and stretchy rayon jersey. I bought it as a remnant on sale at my local fabric shop just around the corner (where I used to live some years ago). I went there with the mission to cheer myself up by touching (and potentially buying) nice fabrics. And those bright colours totally fit the bill. It was just 1.5m but with some pattern piece shuffling it worked out.

The warm temperatures in the desert of Chile were a good excuse to wear the dress. But with a tank top and some tights I could also wear it on my birthday  (It’s in July but that doesn’t always mean warm and sunny here in Germany)


There are still two unblogged birthday-dresses in my closet. Hope to show them to you before there’s a third one 🙂