I like big pockets and I can not lie…

The original lyrics say ‘big butts’… but big pockets are way more achievable for me 😉

I wanted to make a top or a dress with big pockets after I found some inspiration online. One was the lovely embroidered tee by Katy of katyandlaney.com.


Another one was a picture of the Free People Zoe Sweater Dress I found on Pinterest

zoe dress

I accompanied a friend to the fabric market at Maybachufer here in Berlin. I didn’t need something special. I went home with some neon yellow lace (it was only 2€/m and perfect to try the Sierra bra pattern), soft and fluffy fleece with sweet little animals (to make a gift for a little baby boy) and a remnant of a black and red patterned synthetic fabric (obviously the leftover from the fabric Wiebke of Kreuzberger Nähte bought to make her Lady Skater dress)

Katy drafted the pattern for her embroidered tee herself. But since I am a lazy sewer I was looking for a pattern to start with. I had something lose or boxy in mind. In my archive of Burda magazines I found this vintage blouse pattern (No. 109 from 12/2011) I was curious how the sleeves may turn out, since they have a rather unconventional construction. I traced the smallest size (36, a bit bigger than I usually need… but I wanted it a bit lose anyway) and added only a little seam allowance. My fabric was less than 1m long but I managed to put all pattern pieces on it and had a little rest for the pockets.


Now I had to decide how the pocket should be shaped. I considered pockets with round (like Katys) or angled corners and made paper pieces to try it out.


After I decided for the angled ones, I experimented with the size.


I didn’t use the pattern pieces for the collar and the waistband. I just used a folded stripe of fabric the length of the circumference of the neckline to finish it and hemmed the lower edge of the top. Finally I made and attached the pockets. I sewed them in place at the upper edge and secured them by hand in some spots.

I was very lucky to pack my brandnew top for my work trip to Andalusia. The weather was nice and sunny but there was also a very strong breeze.


I wore it on day 4 of Me Made May and here is what I wore the other days:

MMM2016_03 MMM2016_04
How is your Me Made May going?


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