It’s a Wrap

No big surprise, just the very popular Burda Wrap Blouse. At the moment it has 752 downloads on the international Burda website. Like almost everybody I fell for it the moment I saw it in the preview for the April issue of Burda magazine. I had many fabric combinations in mind but in the end I decided to start with a remnant of rayon from my caramel dress. It was a quite small piece of fabric, not even enough to do both front parts. I used some black chiffon for the lower layer. It is sheer but it doesn’t show much. But anyway there was just enough fabric for the smallest size without seam allowance. I thought this is no big deal since I almost always use the smallest size without seam allowance and it is described as boxy (that equals roomy in my world…).  Well, but I almost always use knit fabrics with stretch. And the construction of the front is not made for just dropping seam allowance. The edge of the front panels is supposed to sit right beside the shoulder seam. But my shoulder seam moved  a bit inwards and I had to be careful not to catch the edge when setting in the sleeves. Another issue was the corner of the front parts. I saw many people just overlapping the fabric and stitching it in place. My mission was to do this one thing properly. I read the instructions from Burda on how to do this ‘envelope corner’. Please don’t think that Burda instructions are clearer in German. At some point (after consulting Google and looking at some pictures) I thought I unterstood how to do it. Then I realised that this corner is no right angle… just ignoring the knot in my brain I went for it  and it worked somehow. I’m quite pleased with the result (Although it brought me some Star Trek comments on Facebook  and in real life) And as if there weren’t enough problems with this ‘supposed to be easy’ garment, it shrank when I washed it (the pictures were taken before). At the moment I’m considering wether I will rescue it somehow (because I think it might be a nice companion for the laced up pants) or to give it to some little girl (in this case I maybe have to hurry before the girls I know won’t even fit into this anymore)

Wrap blouse Burda 2014

Wrap blouse Burda 2014But I wasn’t scarred enough not to try this pattern a second time. My mother liked it too when she saw it in the magazine. I bought 1m of some satin-like rayon in grey because I liked it’s pattern. I had to make some adjustments. My mother wanted it to be longer. I also added the seam allowance and some ease. I did the backpiece on the fold for the first one. This time I went with the center back seam because I could fit the pattern pieces on the fabric better this way.  Although I was totally prepared to use some other fabric for the sleeves I could squeeze it all out of my 1m of fabric. I had a hard time setting the sleeves in …Seems like I had went a bit to far with my alterations… In the end I hemmed everything by hand. No needle, thread or tension adjustment worked to get a smooth result with this fabric. Sometimes I like to do some sewing by hand because it gives me the freedom of doing it whereever I want. The only difficulty was to space my stitches evenly. But only until I discovered a simple trick on Pinterest. Just mark the desired spacing on your thumb  with a pen and by holding the fabric you can see exactly where your next stitch has to be.

Wrap blouse Burda 2014Wrap blouse Burda 2014I don’t know whether I will have a third try on this… but on the other hand I really would like to have a wearable version for myself 🙂


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