Blazer Frazer

I made a blazer! I never thought that this would happen. But I fell in love with the ‘Blazer Frazer’ from the german magazine ‘CUT’ (issue #8). All the blazers I tried in shops made me look like a ship captain. I felt like it would be different with this one. And I wanted to make it out of jersey for a more casual look. Jersey might not be the best material for a blazer. It’s even more unsuitable when it’s very very soft and cuddly. But well … i didn’t care.

puple jersey blazer frazer

The soft jersey drapes a lot (you can call it wrinkles … but they are not permanent and they move with you … I call it drape 🙂 )

The original blazer is made of non-stretchy fabric, lining and leather:

Blazer Frazer in CUT 8

CUT magazine always has very clear and simple step-by-step instruction with pictures for every step. And the sizing started with XS (I love them for that). The only adjustment I had to make was to shorten every pattern piece (except the parts of the sleeves) by 9cm (otherwise it would have been a coat for me). Another nice feature are the pockets … I love pockets on every garment!

purple blazer frazer from CUT 8 with pockets

For the lining and the back yoke I killed a blouse I got from my boyfriends mother recently. It’s voile with the structure of ostrich leather … no ostrich died … just a blouse. So if you like a challenge once in a while … just sew a blazer out of super soft and stretchy jersey and non-stretchy lining.

blazer frazer from CUT 8 blazer_frazer_lining

My sewing machine isn’t that much into challenges. That’s why it wouldn’t do the button hole on this fabric. I tried on a remnant. But it either got wobbly or stucked in the machine. It seemed like clever folks of CUT magazine knew that before and included instructions for button holes by hand in this issues basics section. I did not only the hole by hand but the button too. I formed a button from FIMO (polymer clay to harden in oven) and put 6 holes in it, so the yarn will form an anchor.

anchor button on blazer frazer

And since it’s still May the last days of Me-Made-May’13 so far (today I wore the blazer, of course):

Me-Made-May'13 Day20

Me-Made-May'13 Day19

Happy MMM everybody!


3 thoughts on “Blazer Frazer

  1. Lol! Glad no birds died! I love this, so creative to use a jersey. And it look so fantastic. Also, I’ve never heard of that pattern line so I’m going to check them out now. Thanks!

    1. There are only about 3 patterns per issue and only 2 issues a year. But the patterns itself are great and way more modern than what Burda brings up 🙂 Here is the link to their website: in English
      (the magazine is only German … but I can help just in case…)

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