Comfy Pencil Skirt

Many of you liked my colourblock dress. Today I wore the matching pencil skirt (the pattern is similar, it’s BurdaStyle Stretch Pencil Skirt 02/2012 ) I made this skirt over one year ago. When I saw Sophie’s (Cirque Du Bebe) rusty version some weeks ago I was tempted to make a more colourful version quite soon.
Back then we took some funny pictures in an exhibition.



stretch pencil skirt

Here’s a shot where we tried to capture the design-lines … well, we tried …

detail stretch pencil skirt

I know you believe me. But here is the evidence (and what I wore the other days of Me-Made-May’13)

Me-Made-may'13 Day18
Me-Made-May'13 Day17
Me-Made-May'13 Day16
Me-Made-May'13 Day15
Me-Made-May'13 Day14

I was on sick leave the past days (“just” a cold). I thought I can make the best of it and sew the whole day. The bad thing on beeing ill is … well … beeing ill. Most of the time I just laid there and waited for it to be over. But as soon as I felt better (yesterday) I started to cut and sew a blazer … I’m so excited to see it finished … it seems like it’s becoming the first blazer that actually suits me …

Happy Me-Made-May my dear readers and stay healthy!


7 thoughts on “Comfy Pencil Skirt

  1. I am in love with that skirt! So gorgeous – the lines, the zipper, it’s perfect! Ha, I’d be a little afraid of the zipper coming undone, but I may have to try it anyway!

    1. Since it’s a metal zipper it doesn’t move unintentionally. The pattern calls for a two way zipper but I replaced it with a regular metal zipper that I installed in the ‘wrong’ direction. So you can adjust your step width 🙂 It’s an easy, highly recommentable pattern.

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