Colourblock T-Shirt Reincarnation Dress

This is one af my favourite dresses! I made it last year in february ( I didn’t have a blog back then). I wore it today for the 13th day of Me-Made-May.

Colourblock dress Burda 02/2012
I used Dress 117B from BurdaStyle 02/2012 (this is a link to the pattern on the german Burda website because it’s not (yet?) available on the international one). This time Burda was so kind to start with size 34. I “just” had to shorten it in the bodice and at the hem. I instantly fell in love with that dress once I saw it in the magazine (it was definitely the pattern, not the colours … black, bright yellow and beige are not my favourite combination … ) Another thing I fell in love with, was the artwork of a befriended artist called Herr von Bias ( He designed the interior and some t-shirts for a local streetwear shop. But the t-shirts were only available in men sizes (again … ). Well, all the refashionistas out there surely know: the bigger the shirt the more fabric to work with …
HRVB for Yard

XXS girl in XXL shirt
XXS girl in XXL shirt
The dress went together better than I thought. The only tricky part was the zipper in the back. When I installed it the first time the dress started to wobble … I ripped the zipper out again, ironed on some stripes of interfacing (I usually don’t work with interfacing unless absolutely necessary … like in this case) and put the zipper back in place.

Yard dressMotif on Yard dressback of Yard dress
And now the evidence my beloved dress on day 13 of MMM’13 (and what I wore the other days)

Me-Made-May'13 Day13
Me-Made-May'13 Day12
Me-Made-May'13 Day11
Me-Made-May'13 Day10
How’s your Me-Made-May going?


5 thoughts on “Colourblock T-Shirt Reincarnation Dress

  1. Wow the dress looks so great. First I did not recognize the pattern, because of the horrible colors. But when I saw the black dress, i fall in love. The neckline is so cool.

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