May-Made Shirt

The Me-Made-May works well for me so far. Everyday another selfmade garment with no repetition yet. Now I managed to actually sew something new for me. Lovely Katarina, another  Berlin based blogger, inspired me to try this pattern, BurdaStyle V-Back Top 106 09/2012. I liked her Mockblood version. I decided to do the piping as well. In the end I made no real piping, just folded jersey stripes inserted in the darts.
Me-Made-May'13 Day09
Katarina wrote, that she chose a size bigger than her usual size to get a slouchy look. Since normal sized tops look slouchy on me anyway I did the opposite. Once again smallest size available was a 36. As my usual SDA (Skinny Dwarf Adjustment) I omitted the seam allowance to grade it down. I didn’t add volume interfacing to the collar like the instructions told me. Why would I want to force the collar to stick out? My fabric was way lighter than the fabrics Burda used for their versions. It’s more a light everyday top than a jumper.

BurdaStyle V-Back Top 106 09/2012
V-back of the V-Back Top
fake piping
Fake piping in shoulder seam and darts

Today was a holiday again. We went on a hill and then to a lake. And yes I went into the lake … at least ankle-deep 🙂
first time in the lake this year
And now the recap of my Me-Made-May so far

Me-Made-May'13 Day03
Me-Made-Mai '13 Day04
Me-Made-May'13 Day05
Me-Made-May'13 Day06
Me-Made-May'13 Day07
Me-Made-May'13 Day08

I really enjoy taking part in the Me-Made-May. I got so much encouraging feedback and discovered so many inspiring people. A big hug to the whole sewing community!


9 thoughts on “May-Made Shirt

  1. I too really like your outfits and your style. The piping in this top is a lovely detail. I made this top in a stripe fabric and whilst I am happy with it, stripes are not really suited to this pattern. I may just have to give piping a go in the plain navy top I have ready to sew. I will look forward to seeing what you are going to wear for the rest of May.

  2. Just discovered your blog. I love the Skinny Dwarf Adjustments – often happens to me too 🙂 And I have to say that the idea with your hand and the days for each photo is really brilliant and so well done.

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