Forget-me-not Shirts

It’s me again. You probably didn’t expect to see something new here so fast 🙂 But the truth is, I even finished these shirts last weekend. I just couldn’t post them before the parcel tracking told me that one of the shirts finally reached it’s destination. Some weeks ago my friend Steffi texted me that she is wearing the striped shirt we both have and that she is thinking of me. We used to work together but now she works at the other end of the country 😦 So I decided to make us some ‘Forget-me-not shirts’ for her birthday.

hi-low shirt variation number 6You may guess what pattern I based it on? Maybe I should start giving the variations names … for now it’s just ‘number 6’  (and 7) …
Forget-me-not shirtBecause there were two shirts it would have been a bit tricky to take pictures outside. Either I would have had to change in public or run home after the first round of shooting. We only have one room in our flat that has enough daylight. So my boyfriend asked me if I have a bigger piece of fabric we could use as a backdrop. It seems like he wasn’t realising that we are literally living in a fabric stash …


Forget-me-not-shirt_detail_sideWhile adding the triangle at the lower part of the shirt was relatively easy, the detail at the neckline was more complex. I spent some time positioning the two triangles and pinning them in place. If you have used your twin needle before you know that’s the diva of all needles … and you could imagine what it’s like to get the diva smoothly around that asymmetric neckline while fastening the triangles where they belong …



I hope Steffi likes her shirt as much as I like mine (I kept the darker one) …

Since today is the second of May it means that’s already Day 2 of Me-Made-May! So here comes the evidence:
schmidten me made may 13 day 01 The first of May is a holiday here in Germany. There is a big festival in one part of Berlin with lots of music and food and fun … I chose a casual jersey dress. The pattern is Dress 125 01/2011 from BurdaStyle. I call it the Darkwing Duck dress 🙂 You can find my project at BurdaStyle here. It looks a bit like there is a long neck contest going on between me and the blue guy in the background … well … he won.

schmidten me made may day 02 For the second day I wore my Swimming Pool Dress to work.

Did you join the Me-Made-May too? I will probably manage to wear something me-made everyday … I just hope I will find the time to make something new as well … so stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Forget-me-not Shirts

  1. those two tops are gorgeous, I am sure your friend loved hers (I certainly would have!).
    I have managed something me-made all 3 days this week so far… lets see how the rest of the month goes 🙂

  2. Holy Moly I love your handmade style sooo much. Those tops are adorable and the darkwing duck dress…how did I miss that burda pattern? Keep em coming Miss!

      1. Yes, i would pay for a pattern! Or Maybe you just describe how you did it, so we can figure out the rest 🙂

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