The Hi-Low Shirt reloaded

In the meantime I managed to cut out the pieces of a blouse (the last item on my to-sew list from last year … this year I didn’t even start a list … ) But before I’ll add another item to my closet I startet some projects for other people. I made a muslin for a dress my mum will wear at a wedding in may. I know march seems quite early to start with the dress. But I don’t see my parents often since they live 300km away. So I wanted to have the muslin ready for fitting, when I visit them the next time. I found the pattern on a Polish website, without any information on how to assemble the dress (another reason for my first muslin ever).
The second garment on my sewing table (not that I would have a sewing table … we have an eat-work-sew-whatever table) was something for my mum too. She liked my blue hi-low shirt but prefered a ‘normal’ hem. I adjusted my pattern to her desires. So I could give her something wearable besides the muslin for the dress.
jersey shirt from my own pattern
jersey shirt from my own pattern
The shirt for my mum was the third variation of my pattern. Why not add a forth … Today was the birthday of my lovely colleague Katharina. The forth variation is dedicated to her. The front is slightly longer as the one of the first version so she can wear it with pants. I also added a little pocket to the front. The back is made of a sheer black fabric with small beige dots.
hi-low shirt the forthhi-low shirt with sheer backNow look how Katharina rocks the shirt!

birthday girl Katharina
birthday girl Katharina

sheer back of hi-low shirt

Since I don’t have a to-sew list or a specific order for my sewing projects this year my next project is a surprise for you and me (or the blouse … finally).


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