Defeating the cold and my weaker self

After returning from the snowy mountains the winter returned to Berlin with me. The mother of my boyfriend knitted me some nice hats…but they have too many holes. You may have noticed that I have a crush on jersey…so I decided to sew a hat from it. I did some research on Pinterest and Google and liked the turban style the most. It’s easy and quick to sew. I think some more colours will follow…

turban style jersey hat

Although I’m quite skinny I’m not sporty at all. A friend asked me to join her for a fitness course at the adult education centre. I really need a compensation for the hours of sitting in front of a computer. Especially my back asks for it. I bought a nice pair of pants (they were on sale…I would never spend 80€ on sport pants)

lacoste jersey pants
lacoste jersey pants

The pants have this nice drape on one leg. I wanted to resample that in a shirt. I took my selfdrafted pattern of the high-low-shirt and added three pleats on one arm. Actually I wanted to leave the pleats open like the ones on the pants… but it looked like a balloon of fabric over my breast (and I don’t need this amount of fabric in this place) I solved this issue by topstitching them.

pleated shirt



adidas zx7020
The shirt and the hair ties match my shoes 🙂

Beside my victory over the cold and my inner weakness this week had a sad end. One of my colleagues (a very good friend) is moving to another city (at the other end of Germany). Once I made her a logo and a website ( She also got a shirt with a matching brooch for birthday.

olive green shirt burda
shirt and brooch as birthday present

As a farewell present I made her the bird from her logo as an cuddly toy. Of course from jersey 🙂
cuddly toy bird

Next on my to-sew-list is a peplum-top (finally). I already cut the pattern pieces…
Thank you for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “Defeating the cold and my weaker self

  1. i love that top, those pleats really make it special. I am a real t-shirt person, but always looking for slightly more stylish idea than just plain tees! I might use this as inspiration (if you don’t mind) 🙂

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