Jul club success

We sat together with some friends a few days before Christmas, when they decided to do ‘Jul Club’ for a belated Christmas party in january. Doing ‘Jul Club’ means that everyone draws a lot with the name of somebody secretly and then gets a present for this person without spending more than 5€. At the party the presents are put on a table so nobody gets to know who brought which present. I knew that I couldn’t attend the party, because I had to go to the Alps for a shooting. But there was this one girl, who really wished she could get a present from me (and the luck was on her side…I actually drew her name)
So one day before leaving a checked my fabric stash. I still had a piece of the tablecloth I made my blossom bag from (and my phone wallet…and a sweet owl pouch), a remnant of the lining from my tiki dress, some scraps of felt and a brown zipper.

owl pouch
Owl pouch made from the neverending tablecloth with hand painted eyes

material for peacock pouch
All I need for another pouch
I startet by drawing a simple peacock feather and just cut the pieces from the felt.
felt peacock feather
feather sewn to the outer fabric

The pouch itself only consists of rectangles. Little ones sewn to the zipper ends and bigger ones for the lining and the outsides. It’s quickly cut and sewn. And it didn’t even cost me the 5€ budget I had. So I bought some candy and put it inside.
peacock pouch detail

the finished peacock pouch
the finished peacock pouch

I got a text message the evening the party took place. Of course she guessed where her present came from. Me boyfriend brought home the present somebody got for me. A copy of the current Vogue (I’m sure it came from another girl)
Another present that was well received is the shrug I made. My friend wore it to work this week.

shrug in action
Stef cutting the material we shot in the snowy mountains
The last days I managed to sew something for myself. A shirt I will wear at a fitness course I will attend from next tuesday and a hat for my way to work (the wind always blows through my knitted ones). But I will not manage to take photos this weekend because I have to go to the mountains again (one last shooting day…) So stay tuned for some selfish sewing in the next post.


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