Autumn Outfit »Lucy«

I found this lovely outfit on Pinterest. It’s Lucy Laucht wearing a silk skirt with a cropped shirt.
Lucy Laucht Silk Skirt

This kind of skirt would be the perfect use for a silk-like fabric I had in my stash. It wasn’t much but maybe just enough to do this simple skirt.

silk-like fabric

I drafted the pattern myself. I didn’t do the pockets because the fabric is a bit transparent and I hadn’t much fabric anyway. It has an elastic waistband and a baby hem with rounded corners.

waistband with two elastic bands
baby hem
baby hem

My cropped shirt is more a hi-low or mullet shirt. It’s slightly longer than Lucy’s shirt because I want to wear it with pants too. I drafted the pattern using a shirt from my closet. I just had to change the hem. It only consists of two pieces. The sleeves are “built in”.

mullet shirt and silk skirt

mullet shirt and silk skirt

You see, this time no jersey dress 🙂 Well, a jersey  shirt … next on my list is a jeans skirt. It will be my version of the famous distressed jeans skirt from ACNE. Stay tuned …

BurdaStyle featured my Swimming Pool Dress and my Backtote recently. The Backtote made it to the “Best of october” gallery! Thank you BurdaStyle!

featured member project
backtote in best of october



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