V-Back Hattrick

The pattern for this dress was the first one I bought (I tried my sewing machine and skills on free patterns before). It’s Dress 128 from BurdaStyle 01/2011

The original dress from the magazine

For the first one I used some dark grey synthetic fabric that looks a bit like denim. The instructions were easy to follow. I did some little alterations: I omitted the zipper, made the dress shorter and tighter and added a hook and eye to secure the back opening. Later I replaced it with a small snap button.

v-back dress 128

back of v-back dress 128

The second time I used this pattern for a refashion of a dress my boss gave me. It was left over from a shooting we did.  The fabric is stretchy so I didn’t do the zipper and the bust darts. This time I secured the back with some stitches by hand. I can even wear it as an v-front dress 🙂

second take on v-back dress 128 from burda style

second take on v-back dress 128 from burda style

v-back dress 128 from burda style
v-front dress 🙂

The third one was another refashion. I wanted to make a dress out of a t-shirt. Finally I ended up using the “V-back dress” pattern again because it has a plain front ( I didn’t want to have any pleats in the motif) This time I did short sleeves and a front panel with two different colors. I found a jersey at the fabric market that matched the red of the motif…at least almost.
I cut the smallest size with no seam allowance. Again no bust darts and no zipper. I even closed the back. I used an elastic stitch for the hem. So I can hop on my bike with no ripping sound.

The artist that made the t-shirt (Herr von Bias) liked my dress and even wrote about it on his website

sketch v-back dress
My sketch for the dress

v-back dress 128 the third
v-back dress 128

Not only the artist liked this dress. I made it to the featured member projects on the front page of burdastyle.com

v-back dress featured

Do you have a favourite pattern that you used three times or even more often?


2 thoughts on “V-Back Hattrick

  1. Wow…three very different looking versions! All great – especially the pink stripe one! I liked pattern when it came out but wondered how low the V in the back would be…. Congrats on being a Featured Member on BurdaStyle!

  2. I saw this in the MMM13- pool – and I am so inspired by you! All your versions are gorgeous, and I just pulled out my copy of this Burda issue wanting to make it myself.

    Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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