Swimming Pool Dress

I’m a big fan of jersey dresses. Just pull it over the head and you are dressed for almost every occasion. There are many versions of Dress 122 from the cover of  BurdaStyle magazine 09/2010 on BurdaStyle.com and around the blogosphere. With it’s stripes it is just perfect for colour blocking. I bought the pattern online a while ago and tested thousands of colour combinations using Photoshop. But there was nothing really convincing. Then this teal jersey was smilling at me at the fabric market…the colour reminded me of deep water and then there was an idea how to accentuate the stripes.

The pattern was a download pattern. Some sewers don’t like this kind of patterns. But for me gluing together some sheets of paper is way easier then tracing pattern pieces. Since the dress came in short sizes I didn’t change anything on the pattern. I just dropped the facings and the strange “sleeves”. Melissa from fehrtrade.com told me that you could easily use a normal sleeve from any other BurdaStyle pattern like she proved with her winter version of this dress.

Here are the first steps. Arranging the pattern piece on the fabric. Adding the seam allowance (Why don’t German BurdaStyle patterns have seam allowance included? ) Marking pattern pieces with numbers on masking tape (I like using masking tape to label the number or name of the piece or the wrong side of the fabric when it’s hard to see)

first steps of dress 122 09/2012

Now I sorted out the pieces that needed the special treatment and headed for the bathroom. We use chlorine bleach to clean the bathroom. I sprinkled the pieces with the bleach and waited.

bleach on piece of fabric
The colour starts to change.

After waiting about an hour I washed the bleach out and ironed the pieces. Then I sewed all pieces together with my overlock machine. The sleeves fit in the armholes just perfect. I finished the hem, neckline and sleeves with the twin needle.

detail of sleeve
Detail of the sleeve.

stripe of bleach sprinkled fabric

Just two hours after finishing the dress I went to an Electro Swing event. I chose the same teal colour for my eyeshadow and nail polish.

triple teal

The dress survived the night so we could shoot some daylight pictures the next day.

my version of dress 122 from burdastyle 09/2012

back of my dress 122

I was about to throw away the scraps when I found the pieces I cut off the cuffs. These are now the best hair ties I ever had. They look nice and they stay tide the whole day!

hair ties from jersey scraps

I really love my new “swimming pool dress” (and my hair ties). Because of the bleach it even smells a bit like a pool 🙂

Let’s see what my next sewing project will be…maybe a jersey dress…maybe not


2 thoughts on “Swimming Pool Dress

  1. It does look like water, very cool dress! And a great idea that I will have to remember for the hair ties too!

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