The Backtote

Is it a backpack? Is it a tote? It’s a backtote!

When my little cousin saw my paiki bag she asked me to sew her a bag too. She is only 11 so she doesn’t need a fancy purse. Once I picked her up from school and asked her if I should take her school bag. But her school bag has wheels so she can just pull it behind her when it’s too heavy. I thought a bag designed for her should also have different ways to carry it. The idea of the backtote was born (okay I am not the only one with this idea…every hipster in town has a fjällräven kanken).
material for backtoteI had almost all I need in my stash, white cotton with origami animals (from IKEA), turquoise and black cotton, a grey 30cm zipper and some belt band.

Basically the bag consists only of rectangles and two ovals (the bottom). I found another grey zipper in my notions box and decided to add a little pocket inside.

inside pocket backtote

I took me a while to figure out how long the straps should be and how I will secure them. The tabs hold the strap on the front in place and bring a bit of colour to the outside.

Finally I added some elastic loops to the straps. This way you can secure the strap ends when you carry the backtote as a tote.

The final backtote from inside
backtote as tote
The backtote as tote
backtote as backpack
The backtote as backpack

I think I will have to sew some more backtotes…I think I need one  and some friends (older than 11) asked for it too 🙂


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