Tiki crush

In 2010 we were invited to a wedding on Oahu, Hawaii. We enjoyed two wonderful weeks in Honolulu and at the North Shore of the island.

Postcard Hawaii
A postcard we sent via email to our friends and family

Since the day we left I want to go back someday…We brought a little Tiki statue to remind us of this wonderful time.

There is a fabric store right across the street. Usually I buy my fabric at a market, because it’s much cheaper and the assortment of fabrics is more up to date. But once in a while I check what the store has to offer. And then there was that cotton with this lovely tiki print…I bought 2 metres to make a dress. I was a total novice to sewing. I bought my sewing machine a half year before at the supermarket next door (and it still works…thanks Lidl) I used McCall’s Vogue 8511, view A and added brown bias binding.

Tiki dress
My Tiki dress

I was surprised when I visited Burdastyle.com and found myself on the frontpage…I made it to the “Member project of the week”! My Project at Burdastyle

Member project of the week at burdastyle.com
the great surprise

I fell in love with Amy Butlers “Blossom Bag” at first sight. I almost couldn’t believe the pattern was for free. I spent a lot of time thinking about the fabric choice. In the end I made the exterior from a tablecloth I bought at Butlers (I don’t think there is a connection to Amy…but who knows) and the interior from the rest of the tiki fabric. I love my paiki (paiki is bag in hawaiian language)

There was still some fabric left. So I made a matching wallet for my iPhone following this tutorial (I only did one pocket for the phone and omitted the other ones)

tiki phone pouch
Tiki dress for my phone

Thanks for stopping by. Hang loose!


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