Concrete Grey

This is a dress from Burda easy magazin autumn/winter 2012. It seems like there is a new trend after colour blocking the material blocking. The original dress is made of jersey and leather.

The original dress from the magazin

Instead of leather I used voile. A light, transparent fabric with some flowers. Just the total opposite of leather. For the skirt part I lined it with the jersey, because I didn’t want transparency between my legs.

I omited the flaps, because they were just a design element and had no pockets behind them. I thought flowers are enough decoration.

I also omited the piping and facings at the neckline. Facings just don’t work for me. They always tend to flip out of the neckline no matter how good I secure them at the shoulder seam. I used a facing strip, a technique I learned from a past Burda Style project (my Hi-Low dress).

I had to shorten the upper part of the dress. But that is an alteration I always have to do. Altough I sewed  size 34 (which is a XS) the dress is a little wide. But I think it’s a nice dress to wear at work in autmn.dress in concrete grey

We took pictures of the dress in a part of Berlin that has a quite monotone architecture . The houses look like concrete boxes. I named the dress after this district “Marzahn”, because it’s concrete grey and has some spots of colour. Inside this district there are some very old houses that are the leftovers from a village and even a windmill.  In this place we found a nice brick wall that made a nice contrast to the dress.


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